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Associate Wajiha Rais COVID-19 Publication: Legal Distancing - Avoiding Contractual Performance Due To COVID-19 Impacts

» Posted July 15, 2020Publications

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D.C. Circuit Court Reaffirms Protections Afforded to Government Construction Contractor's Internal Investigation

» Posted April 6, 2016Paul A. VarelaPublications

Published in the March 2016 Government Construction newsletter (Volume 2, Issue 1) by Division 13 of the ABA Forum on the Construction Industry.

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D.C. Circuit Revives Attorney-Client Privilege Protection for Internal Fraud Investigations

» Posted July 21, 2014Publications

On June 27, 2014, the Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia reversed the March 6, 2014 decision by the District Court for the District of Columbia, which held that internal corporate investigations into potential government fraud were not protected by the attorney-client privilege.  Despite this ruling, government contractors are still advised to employ certain safeguards to protect privilege in respect to internal investigations.

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Issues for Contractors Amid Globalization of the Construction Industry

» Posted June 26, 2014Brian DugdalePublications

Contractors, suppliers, engineers, consultants and architects involved in large scale commercial construction have considerable challenges ahead of them to stay competitive in today’s global market—and considerable opportunities to thrive.  This article discusses briefly some of the impacts of globalization on the construction industry and presents several broad issues for companies to consider as they attempt to remain strategically positioned for success amid globalization.

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American Arbitration Association Adopts Optional Appellate Rules

» Posted May 14, 2014David WonderlickNews, Publications

Construction contracts frequently require the submission of disputes to arbitration. Though arbitration offers numerous advantages, one possible drawback arises from the very limited grounds for judicial review of an unfavorable award.

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