Varela, Lee, Metz & Guarino (VLMG)


Comprehensive Service

Few law firms possess the experience required to effectively serve all aspects of the surety business. VLMG delivers sophisticated advice across the spectrum of surety issues, as its partners have written a number of treatises on surety law and routinely draft indemnity, takeover, completion and security agreements.

Proactive Approach

Fortune favors the prepared; surety law is no different. All too often, surety practitioners take a one-dimensional view of a claim or indemnity dispute, leaving the client in a reactionary posture. At VLMG, we see surety disputes through a continuum of interrelated rights and responsibilities, often implicating leverage points across multiple layers. VLMG will work with bond principals to defend claims from owners and payment bond claimants, maximizing the value of institutional project knowledge. When necessary, VLMG also will apply intense pressure to enforce indemnity rights, whether through UCC-1 financing statements, writ of attachment enforcement or bankruptcy proceedings. At all times, however, VLMG provides proactive analysis and adapts as each situation unfolds. VLMG simply leaves no stone unturned in the complex network of legal relationships that inform the surety risk profile.

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