Varela, Lee, Metz & Guarino (VLMG)


Dispute Avoidance

At its core, VLMG is a construction services law firm. Disproving the concept that legal service should only be consulted upon litigation, clients realize value from VLMG’s contract administration support during active projects. As many of our clients understand, project-level decision-making, such as scheduling and change order management, can avoid a lawsuit. VLMG’s professionals work as a team with executive, legal, accounting and engineering personnel as a foundational risk management asset. 

Furthermore, VLMG understands the value of clients maintaining a knowledgeable workforce. Accordingly, through in-house seminars and publications, VLMG provides its clients the resources to educate its employees to directly implement a more sophisticated brand of contract administration. 

Complex Litigation

To the extent disputes are unavoidable, VLMG also is prepared to proactively shepherd its clients to resolution, maximizing alternative dispute resolution techniques across a broad swath of project types in international, federal and state forums. VLMG’s team has substantial experience handling major litigations and arbitrations on mega-projects. However, it also possesses the judgment necessary to cost-effectively resolve disputes in the low six-figures.  As it concerns the construction industry, VLMG is in a unique position to advise on nearly every issue that comes to pass.

Efficiency Through Relationships

True efficiency is built over time as a byproduct of cultivating lasting and deep relationships with clients. As VLMG becomes more and more familiar with our clients’ accounting systems, email software, standard contracts and corporate culture, we are able to deliver more efficient results without cutting corners. Although the type and complexity of projects may change over time, VLMG understands that client relationships are the fundamental backbone upon which great and efficient results are based.

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